What users are saying about ViewfinderMasks™

Jim Chagares, M.Photog., Cr., MEI., PPA Certified, CEI
I have used Canon EOS cameras since 1985 and have always used replacement grid focusing screens to determine where 4x5 and 8x10 images will crop. Since I now use Canon 1Ds Mark II’s for all my portrait work, a grid screen is even more of a necessity. I replaced the original 1Ds screens with the Canon grid screen but lost the original screen markings when doing so. While at the Illinois Professional Photographers 2005 regional convention I had an opportunity to look through someone else's - camera that Scott had etched with ViewfinderMasks. I knew immediately I was going to have my original screens fixed by Scott to allow me to have the original markings plus the 8x10 guides. I sent Scott both my screens and had them back in record time. After installing them I photographed an 8x10 picture and cropped the image in Photoshop to find the crop lines were a perfect match to the 8x10. Another nice advantage is Scott’s crop lines are very easy to see in low light situations. The Canon grid screen lines are almost impossible to see in low light.

Scott’s workmanship and service are second to none. I highly recommend letting Scott fix your original focusing screen, especially if you are a portrait photographer. There is absolutely no need to ever guess how tight you can crop without running into problems later.

Something Special Photography, Schenectady, NY:
I saw you at the PPSNYS show in Rye this past weekend and was so impressed that I posted your website information on DPREVIEW ... they’re asking for a service like yours!

Staci Bollinger, Snaps Photography, Texas
What a difference the crop lines have made in my shooting. So many times before I had taken what could have been the greatest photo, and I couldn't even show it to the clients because the image couldn't be cropped to an 8x10 and still keep its integrity. Scott's crop lines have been such a lifesaver. I love what he does, and use his talent every time I look through my lens.

Sherry Patrizi, Magnolia Photography, Texas  
Great idea! I have struggled with this 8 x 10 deal for a while now. When I saw your ad, I was excited about meeting you. Now that you have done the perfect crop lines in my viewfinder, it has made the world of difference. I have trained myself to shoot for the future for my customers. Thank you for your ingenious idea, Magnolia Photography will be a more successful business because of you. I wish you success in the future. Thanks for taking care of me and the crazy broad from Synder Texas!!!