Screen Examples | Pricing


Standard screens have the basic single format. Choices are 8x10, 5x7, Square or 16:9 widescreen.



Custom screens are special request single formats such as panoramic, and multi format screens, which combine two or more formats.


8x10 with the square format applied lightly in the background.


Head and Shoulder

For the school/sports photographers, these screens display 8x10, 5x7, head size,  full length formats.

Designed to be balanced, this first screen, with top of head and chin cup, was designed for wedding/portrait photographers, who occasionally shoot schools yet the school photographers have picked up on it too. It is our best selling screen due to its versatility and nonintrusive look.


We also offer ovals, and boxes.



Fully Customizable

All of our screens can be customized to meet your specifications. We have successfully recreated every custom design and existing mask submitted, no matter how intricate.

ViewfinderMasks™ has no effect on any camera function. It does not interfere with auto/manual focus, exposure, or focus points.


Sample demonstrating a box mask.  Note the image appears lighter here only to illustrate where the lines are. Your viewfinder will retain 100% clarity.